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Teeth care: a Natural and Ayurveda guide for taking care of your teeth



Teeth are a very  important part of our health and depending on their placement in the mouth, they vary in size.

Healthy, white and odorless teeth can make a big difference when it comes to boosting our confidence.

A healthy tooth is a mirror to overall good health whereas bad teeth can cause low self-esteem and also, chronic diseases. So practice good oral hygiene and flaunt that beautiful smile of yours.

So let’s start with the basic teeth-care routine that will help you maintain oral-hygiene…

1. Brush at least two times a day

Do you brush daily twice? Well, you should!  Brushing should be the first thing you do in morning and the last thing before you sleep. Never sleep without brushing as the bits of food pieces can cause more harm than you can imagine. Just make sure the brush is very soft and gentle as a hard brush can harm your teeth’s Enamel. We will soon share the article on which toothbrush you should choose. So hang on!

2. Herbal toothpaste

Stop using that chemical-based toothpaste you see in the advertisements, instead use a good herbal toothpaste. The natural ingredients of Ayurveda help fight so many teeth problems and is a blessing we should definitely not ignore. Click here to Visit A list of Homemade or Herbal toothpaste.

3. Flossing and gargling: 

Floss your teeth and gargle your mouth to take out those stubborn food particles after every meal.

4. Quit smoking and drinking

Do I even need to mention how harmful smoking and drinking habits are for your health? Well, that includes your teeth as well. It’s a foul habit that decays the teeth prematurely. Start quitting now. Soon we will share information about how one can get rid of smoking or drinking habits.

5. Proper diet:

Don’t consume too many sugary foods like desserts as sugar is harmful and helps in teeth yellowing. Just like all other body parts, the health of our teeth also depends on which kind of food we are having.

These were the basic teeth care routines, now let’s check out some natural home remedies for maintaining teeth hygiene:

Natural home remedies for maintaining teeth hygiene

  1. Gargling with a glass of water with half a spoon of rock salt at night helps with any teeth disease.
  2. Gargling with salt water at night and brushing teeth with Neem in the morning helps keep many problems at bay.
  3. Add a pinch of turmeric to mustard oil and massage your teeth for getting rid of Syria, gums pain, bleeding etc.
  4. Don’t drink chilled water right after eating hot food.
  5. Don’t eat too much hot or cold food.

We have taken a look at so many methods for maintaining great teeth but still facing some kind of teeth problems is inevitable. Let’s check them out.

Common teeth problems and their remedies

1. Yellow teeth or teeth whitening tips:

Having teeth that are yellow or blackish is embarrassing. Excessive use of sugary items strains our teeth and make them yellow. And it will remain so until and unless you work to whiten them.

To check out some natural herbs, home remedies, or Ayurvedic treatments to whiten your treat click here: Home Remedies For Whitening Teeth With Immediate Results

2. Foul or bad smell from mouth

A bad breath from the mouth is because of teeth rotting which can cause a bad impression. Check out these awesome remedies that will take your bad breath away here: Home Remedies To Cure Bad Smell Or Breath From Mouth

3. Pyria or pyorrhea remedies

It’s a severe teeth disease that causes pain, damage to gum, and teeth, and bad breath from the sufferer. But don’t worry! because I have some great treatment from homeopathy and Ayurveda to combat this disease. Check it out here: Ayurvedic Treatment And Home Remeddies For Pyria [Pyorrhea]

4. Swelling of gums and its remedies

When you have swelling in your mouth and the gums are red and oozing blood, it’s a cause for alarm. Gum swelling is very painful and is a sign of poor hygiene. Read here for swollen gum remedies : Ayurvedic Treatment And Home Remeddies For Pyria [Pyorrhea]

5. Teeth Pain/ Toothache remedies

Tooth pain can be a huge problem as it restricts us from eating or speaking. It can be caused by problems in your teeth or gums. There are many reasons for having a toothache, but thankfully I have talked about curing this with home remedies, Ayurveda in this article: Home Remedies For Curing Tooth Ache Fast Naturally

Teeth are for a lifetime and taking good care of them will help you keep them and away from spending money on a dentist every few months.

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