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Home Remedies For Rheumatoid Arthritis | Cure In Ayurveda Naturally



Read on the article to know about most effective home remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Also read, how to cure Rheumatoid Arthritis naturally using Ayurveda.

Home Remedies For Rheumatoid Arthritis
Home Remedies For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common diseases that is impaling not only seniors but also the young generation worldwide. It is a wide term that describes the joint disorders leading to inflammation in any joints found in our body, but most people find this condition in their knee.

Let’s check out what Ayurveda has to say about this incurable and very painful disease.

Indigestion makes us uneasy and constipated, making the wind in our body poisonous. And when this combination mixes with our blood to reaches the various organs including our knee, it accumulates there and we feel pain and stiffness. This condition is called Aamvaat in Ayurveda.

After a while, if this condition is not cured, it takes the form of Arthritis.

The only thing that we can do as a person to prevent this disease is to keep the digestion process of our body up to the mark, and not let indigestion harass us. If we keep ignoring this disease, it becomes incurable.

Symptoms of Arthritis

  • Pain in joints without any injury and pain lasts more than a week
  • Swelling in the joints
  • Sudden unwellness and fever too
  • Joints become so swollen and sensitive that they start paining even if slightly touched.

Now take a look at some tips that can help in the initial stages of Arthritis.

Note: Although according to Allopathy, Arthritis is categorized into three parts, but Ayurveda offers the same solution for all of them.

How to cure rheumatoid arthritis naturally

1. In the starting of this ailment, the pain is like a needle stabbing in the knees and heels of the leg along with the fingers of our hands. The first thing to do after coming across these symptoms is to get rid of constipation. To know how, you can check out this article.

2. Use of steam for massaging the paining knee through ‘steam massaging procedure’ for about 20-25 minutes will help ease down the pain. More on that later.

3. Take 20 gm. of Giloy (heart shaped moonseed) plant, crush it to a fine powder, add it to 1 glass of water and bring to boil. When the water remains 1/4th of the whole, filter it and the giloy potion is ready.

Take some roots of castor plant, dry it to make a powder. Take 2 spoons of this powder and eat it, drink the above potion after taking in the powder. Doing this 3 times a day will help in the pain.

4. Also, massaging the affected area helps, for this take 20 gm. of sesame oil and camphor, and store them in a clean and clear glass bottle. Keep it in sun till both the ingredients mixes well. After the sun has done its work, take some oil and massage it on the affected.

5. Take some dry Ashwagandha(Rennet) plant and make a fine powder. Add the same amount of sugar in it and seep it three times before storing in a bottle.

Take 2 spoons of this both in the morning and evening with some warm and sweet milk. This is very beneficial for the pain. This works as natural treatment for rheumatoid arthritis pain and swelling.

6. Take some Ajwain (carom), pure mukul myrah (Guggul), Malkangini (staff tree or black oil plant) and kala dana (Pharbitis seed) and crush them separately into fine powder. Now mix them in the same quantity and add a pinch of water to make small round tablets.

Consuming 2 of these three times a day with warm water helps to cure Arthritis in its initial stages. This Indian home remedy for rheumatoid arthritis gives amazing results.

7. Use 20 gm. soft leaves of Nirgundi or five leaves chaste plant and 2 gm. of cloves to make a dry paste and turn it into 4 round tablets. Swallow 2 tablets with warm water in the morning and evening, this is a very good tip for getting rid of knee pain.

8. Taking 2 tablets of Mahayograj guggul two times with water is a good way to cure knee pain. This medicine is easily available in the market.

Steam massaging procedure

As promised earlier, let’s dive into the steam massage procedure for reliving the pain of Arthritis. When the air in your body is poisonous, it can lead to pain in head, eyes, knee or lower back. Let’s take a look at the steam massage process:

  • In 2 liters water, add a handful of Ajwain (carom seeds) and 1-2 spoons of sea salt and bring it to boil.
  • When the steam from it starts to rise, cover it with a seep that has holes, like the one used to clean wheat powder.
  • Now, take 2 pieces of clothes that are small and thick or use a napkin and soak it in water. After removing the excess water, fold it four times and put it over the cover of the boiling water.
  • When the steam makes the cloth hot, take it and put another piece of cloth just like in step 3.
  • Check the hotness of the cloth, if it’s too hot let it cool down, otherwise place it on the affected area to release the pain. Everyday steam massage for 20-25 minutes for better results.

This process is known as “Bhap seink vidhi” or steam massage.

Some points to remember while applying this method:

  • Never use this for headaches or place it on the area below the navel; otherwise, it can be used on any body part.
  • Stop the steam massage once the pain is gone. This procedure gives better and fast result than using rubber bag filled with warm water.
  • One can use this water for up to three days, on the fourth day, use new water and repeat the steps.

Precautions from Arthritis:

A person suffering from Arthritis has increased levels of uric acid in their body. The precautions discussed below will enlighten us on both, how to keep Arthritis in check, and how to stop the increased level of this acid.

  • Keep your weight in check by eating food that has low cholesterol level.
  • A person suffering from arthritis needs to balance his protein intake. Since non-veg food is very rich in protein, one needs to stop consuming it. For filling the protein requirements of the body milk and cottage cheese (Paneer) are enough.
  • A body needs the energy to perform the daily activities and to produce this energy, we need proteins and carbs. But, due to this disease, one has to limit protein intake and consume products rich in carbohydrates. The balance between carbs and protein will help in the metabolism process, and the body will produce less harmful products keeping the disease in check.
  • If the body is making less urine, drink fat less milk, shakes, buttermilk or soup. Drinking tea or coffee in moderation is also fine.
  • Stay away from alcohol or related products.
  • Never stay hungry, keep eating snacks or liquid products in intervals.

With the help of these precautions and regular intake of medicine, one can beat this disease.

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Ayurvedic Treatment And Home Remedies For Pyria [Pyorrhea]



Are you looking for ayurvedic treatment or home remedies for Pyria/Pyorrhea? Read on here!

Ayurvedic Treatment And Home Remedies For Pyria [Pyorrhea]
Ayurvedic Treatment And Home Remedies For Pyria [Pyorrhea]

Our body is a temple and it’s our responsibility to keep our body healthy.

Teeth are the tool through which we chew and perform many functions that nourish our body. Thus, it’s crucial to keep the mouth and teeth clean.

But they are also subjected to many diseases and Pyria or pyorrhea is one such disease. It is also known as periodontal gum disease, which is characterized by discharge of pus from the tooth of teeth and gums.

It starts with inflammation and irritation of the tissue that surrounds a tooth due to bacterial infection, and can be very severe if not treated leading to tooth loss.
Also, delay in treatment can help the bacteria pass on other body organs through the bloodstream causing other problems.

In this disease, the person suffers an unbearable toothache, that usually people find taking the tooth out a better option.

Ayurveda has many natural treatment plans for Pyria, that can help relieve the pain and also help heal the disease.

Before checking that out let’s look at the causes and symptoms of pyorrhea.

Causes of Pyria:

  1. Poor dental hygiene: Avoiding the  poor routine of brushing and flossing. Using some home care techniques like gargling with salt water, and scraping the tongue with fingers help reduce bacteria.
  2. Tobacco use: People who smoke or eat tobacco are more prone to gum diseases and take much time to heal. The nicotine present in it accumulates on the teeth, and it suffers bone loss and deep pockets.
  3. Genetics: people who have genetic predisposition are more prone to gum diseases, even though they may practice good hygiene. Such people may need to start preventive measures early on.
  4. Chronic diseases- like periodontitis, gingivitis, diabetes etc. can cause pyorrhea. Also, some medicines can cause this disease like antidepressants.
  5. Food habits and stress: When food gets stuck in the gums and is not taken out causes oral cavities, that lead to bacterial growth and gum problems. Also, stressing too much leads to weaker immune system and bacteria that thrive better.
  6. Grinding teeth- is known as bruxism. Knowingly or unknowingly if we clench or grind teeth too hard damages the tooth tissue which is bad for gums.

Symptoms of Pyorrhea:

  • Blood from the gums while bleeding is one of the symptoms of Pyria.
  • If the gums are swollen or tender, and even a slight touch hurts, it’s better to get checked for Pyorrhea. Don’t self-diagnosis please, it could be something else too.
  • If you have continuous bad breath it’s good to get checked for any gum diseases.
  • Periodontal abscess meaning collection of pus in gums, if you find mucus oozing from the gum, get it checked.

Ayurveda and natural remedies for treating Pyria/pyorrhea:

1. Using Ayurveda toothpaste ‘Kohinoor Dant Manjan’ helps in curing it and many other diseases. You can check out the process of making this toothpaste in this article.

2. Mustard oil for Pyria:

  • Use some drops of mustard oil and mix it with a pinch of rock salt and turmeric. Make a thick paste and massage on the gums and teeth both in the morning and evening. It helps in curing the ailment, do this for 14-15 days straight and then every 2-3 days.
  • Only mixing rock salt and 4 times mustard oil and massaging that on gums and teeth cures Pyria and tooth pain. After massaging vigorously for few minutes, you can gargle with warm water.
  • Take some basil leaves and dry those in sun, once dried make it into a fine powder. Now add an equal amount of mustard oil and massage on the teeth for curing gum disease.
  • If due to this disease, roots of a tooth is paining or shakes than take two cloves, put it in your mouth and stab it with the teeth and then place it below the aching teeth or root. Its continuous juice will help in the pain and will stop it from shaking.
  • This disease can make gums bleed, to stop that:
    • Take some alum and roast it.
    • Now make it into a fine powder
    • Mix turmeric in equal quantity and use it to brush daily once.
  • After waking up, eat some black sesame seeds and drink water afterward. Do this daily to cure Pyria. You can also do this in the evening.
  • Gargling with rock salt mixed with water daily before sleeping helps in keeping all disease at bay, including swelling of the gum. 

Prevention of Pyria through some home remedies:

  • Use rock salt, powder of pomegranate rind or camphor powder to massage your gums to improve oral hygiene and to prevent pyorrhea.
  • Drink carrot and spinach juice to prevent Pyria.
  • Applying sesame or mustard oil on teeth and gums prevent the development of the disease, gums swelling and other related diseases.
  • Having a balanced diet and not consuming caffeine related food and sugar too much helps in preventing gum problems.
  • Brushing at least twice with Ayurveda toothpaste will help and remember to use a soft brush instead of a brittle one.
  • Eat fresh fruits like banana or orange for better oral hygiene.
  • People who suffer from Pyria should have a good digestive system so as not advance the disease.

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Home Remedies For Pyorrhea

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Ayurvedic And Home Remedies To Cure Bad Smell Or Breath From Mouth



Bad smell or breath can be quite embarrassing but guys, it is a lot common than you think. Read here about the best ayurvedic and home remedies to cure bad smell or breath from the mouth.

Home Remedies To Cure Bad Smell Or Breath From Mouth
Home Remedies To Cure Bad Smell Or Breath From Mouth

Our teeth and mouth are the mirrors of our overall body and health. We eat through our mouth and chew with our teeth, hence it’s imperative to keep them clean.

Teeth and gums should be healthy otherwise we can face many problems, and one such problem is the smell.

Bad breath also known as Halitosis, is an embarrassing and frustrating problem, that hinder our confidence to even talk with our peers.

According to Ayurveda, the main cause of stench from the mouth is poor digestion, and poor oral hygiene, other causes include-

  • Dry mouth: Drinking water will help in this case.
  • Gum problems and diseases: like pyria can cause bad smell.
  • Tooth decay: poor hygiene causes bacteria to grow in the mouth and damage tooth, creating cavities and causing tooth decay.
  • Digestive issue: improper digestion leads to smell from the mouth
  • Some foods like too much caffeine or sweets
  • Certain medications

Let’s look at some home remedies for curing bad breath permanently.

Ayurveda treatment for bad breath 

1. Cloves:

  • Cloves can be a lifesaver when it comes to bad smell.
  • Cloves not only help in bad smell, but also in better digestion of food. 
  • After a meal, put a clove into your mouth and suck it, the juice from it will help improve bad breath and smell from the mouth.
  • You can also have cloves before a meeting or a date as a quick remedy for bad smell.
  • Chew on mint leaves or cloves at day-time to remove bad breath.

Note: Make sure you do not over consume cloves especially in summer as they are hot in nature.

  • Chewing cloves also help in treating stubborn mucus and the smell that comes because of it. Also, it’s good for toothache and gums. It also helps in treating acidity and the acidic smell from the mouth.
  • After a meal, put a clove into your mouth and suck at it, the juice from it will help improve bad breath and smell from the mouth.

2. Other natural remedies for mouth smell

  • Gargling your mouth with a glass of water mixed with a whole lemon juice in the morning will help with foul odor. Do this for a week or two.
  • If the smell is due to digestive problems, eat half a spoon of fennel seeds after every meal.

3. Mustard oil massage:

  • Mix 2 spoons of mustard oil with half a spoon of salt and keep it in your mouth. After a while, the cheeks will inflate due to accumulation of saliva. 
  • Keep spitting in bits and pieces while keeping this remedy for half an hour. Don’t speak for that half an hour, and after 30 minutes spit it all out but don’t gargle with water instead keep spitting the saliva in intervals. 
  • Keep doing this till the results are seen once every day and after that every other day. This helps in removing foul smell from teeth.

Note: If the smell is due to the dirt accumulated on the tongue, clean it regularly with a scraper. The dirt is usually on the center or starting point of the tongue and causes bad breath and respiratory problems.

Some natural precautionary measures:

  • Keep your digestion good and stomach clean, try to avoid constipation.
  • Keep your tongue clean using a tongue scraper or even using two fingers can clean the tongue, but the nails should be cut.
  • Brushing your teeth three times a day is highly recommended by Ayurveda experts. Best way to clean teeth is by fingers or by a very gentle brush. A hard brush can harm enamel of the teeth.
  • Proper oral hygiene.

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Home Remedies For Curing Tooth Ache Fast Naturally



Looking for effective home remedies for toothache pain? Or do you want to know the root causes of toothache? Read on!

Home Remedies For Curing Tooth Ache Fast Naturally
Home Remedies For Curing Tooth Ache Fast Naturally

A toothache is one of the worst pain imaginable. It renders us speechless and even eating anything is difficult. Also, the pain resonates with ear and headache-making the whole thing unbearable.

This pain usually comes from teeth and jaws especially, when the nerve of the teeth is irritated. The pain can be instant or can be constant in some cases.

The majority of teeth problems including pain can be solved with proper oral hygiene, like brushing or flossing but people are too lazy to do even this.

Causes of toothache:

  • Infection: Bacteria, cavities or teeth worm can cause cavities and cause the toothache as these infections damage the nerves of the teeth decaying them.
  • Gum diseases: like pyria/pyorrhea can cause tooth pain and sensitivity too. Read here about some home remedies to treat pyria. 
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding): clenching teeth or grinding them too hard while sleeping knowingly or unknowingly can cause advance bruxism that causes lot of teeth ache.
  • Abscessed tooth: when the tooth or gums holding it has lots of pus in it, it causes a lot of pain.
  • Tooth fracture: when you break your teeth or knock it, it can cause fracture to it and that can lead to toothache.
  • Hot or cold food: sometimes consuming too much hot and cold food can cause sensitivity and pain in teeth.
  • Wisdom tooth: when a wisdom tooth is coming out, it puts the person in a lot of pain.

Natural remedies for toothache/ tooth pain

  1. Take a bit of camphor and place it below the aching tooth or gums, this will help in relieving the pain. Also, if there is a hole in teeth and that is the reason for pain, then stuff camphor in that too.
  2. Use a bit of Sal Ammoniac (Nausadar, नौसादर)  and dry ginger (Saunth, सौंठ) in equal quantity and grind them together. Now use this powder to brush your teeth. Also, if the gums are hollow at some places, rub this powder their too. The pain will ease.
  3. Mix turmeric, camphor, and raw papaya milk, now soak a generous portion of cotton in it and place below the tooth/gum that is paining. After few minutes, the soreness will go.
  4. Mix clove oil with olive oil and massage with the help of cotton swab on the aching tooth. It’s a very effective home remedy for toothache pain.
  5. If you have cavities, then there will be pain and for this turmeric is very effective. The soreness of turmeric is good for removing pain as well as teeth worms. Just mix a little powder with mustard oil and massage on the affected area.

Ayurveda tips to avoid toothache

  • Brush after every meal and definitely before sleeping at night.
  • Use natural toothpaste.
  • Clean your tongue daily
  • Use natural mouthwash for gargling and cleaning your whole mouth after meals.
  • Stop consuming tobacco
  • Limit your sugar intake and make a balance between hot and cold food.
  • Gargle with a mixture of rock salt and water before sleeping, this will help in removing bacteria that causes pain.

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