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World Diabetes day: Themes and Activities to do



All that you need to know about World Diabetes day, its themes and activities to do. Also find here World Diabetes Day posters and banners.

World Diabetes Day is globally celebrated on 14th of November every year to spread awareness about diabetes mellitus. 14th of November is the birthday of Frederick Banting who contributed towards the discovery of Insulin in 1922.

World diabetes day celebration was first organized by International Diabetes Federation and World Health Organization in 1991.

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Every year IDF decides world diabetes day theme revolved around a diabetic issue for the occasion. During this event, an extensive variety of activities are sorted out the world over to observe WDD. Some of world diabetes day activities include:

  • Media Coverage: Special projects are sorted out on TV and radio directs in which specialists from therapeutic field answer individuals’ inquiries with respect to Diabetes. News and articles identified with the occasion are likewise distributed by both print and online news channels.
  • Diabetes Screening: Medical associations partake in WDD by sorting out free diabetes screening camps. A large number of them organize these camps and offer free checkups as well as free reports.
  • Day offs: Organizations and establishments praise the day by giving a free day to individuals experiencing diabetes on this day.

World diabetes day theme

world diabetes day banner
world diabetes day banner

Themes of previous World Diabetes Day campaigns have focused on different factors that influence the risk of diabetes and its complications: (Source: Wiki)
  • 2017: Women and diabetes – our right to a healthy future.
  • 2016: Eyes on Diabetes.
  • 2015: Healthy Eating.
  • 2014: Go Blue for Breakfast.
  • 2013: Protect our Future: Diabetes Education and Prevention.

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New Celebration Ideas

You can partake in World Diabetes Day by doing any of the accompanying:

  1. Spreading awareness about Type 2 Diabetes to people within your circle by distributing free of cost study materials which you could download from the IDF official website.
  2. Utilizing online networking to share data about diabetes. The assets for sharing on your profile can be downloaded from WDD’s authentic site.
  3. Dedicate your day all in blue: You can decide upon sharing the idea of getting up dressed all in blue to spread the awareness on diabetes as the official color of IDF logo

Motivation behind Celebration

Numbers say that there’re more than 415 million diabetics on the planet. That is significantly more than the number of inhabitants in USA, and it does exclude those pre-diabetics who’re very nearly falling prey to this malady. This makes diabetes a genuine cause of worry for the world and a test that requires prompt consideration. Along these lines, we have to reinforce our battle against this ailment as fast as could be allowed.

Consequently, we should keep on celebrating World Diabetes Day to spread mindfulness about diabetes. It’s the best way to rescue people from a slow death.
world diabetes day banners
world diabetes day banners
world diabetes day posters
world diabetes day posters
world diabetes day
world diabetes day

world diabetes day poster
world diabetes day poster

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