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Why We Celebrate Lohri: Punjabi Lohri Celebration In India



Are you wondering why we celebrate Lohri in India? Here is the article that will tell you all about Punjabi Lohri celebration in India.

Lohri is a popular folk festival celebrated by Sikhs and Hindus as well across the Indian sub-continent. Lohri is celebrated in the onset of the harvest season.  It actually marks the end of the winter season and welcomes the spring season.

The festival of Lohri is observed with offering prayers to the Gods for a good harvest. According to the Lunar calendar, the Lohri night is believed to be the longest night of all. People in Punjab celebrate Punjab Lohri with great passion and enthusiasm. Fire is lit at night along with bonfire with dried wood logs. People from the neighborhood and friends join together for singing and dancing around the bonfire.

Why We Celebrate Lohri: Punjabi Lohri Celebration In India
Why We Celebrate Lohri: Punjabi Lohri Celebration In India

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Lohri celebration usually happens along with makar sankranti which is celebrated by the Bengalis, Magha Bihu by the Assamese, Pongal by the Tamils all at the same time.
The unique highlight of this festival is the bonfire where people gathering around it throw rewri, gajak, puffed rice, jaggery, peanuts and sugarcane in the fire. People believe that doing this sends a message to the sun to bring warmth and good future ahead. It is this day after which the spring comes in and the cold chilly winter halts and waits for its next season.
The bonfire is lit at sunset and marks the beginning of the festival and it goes on still it completely dies out. While the guests are offered til, peanuts, gajak and popcorns, people offer prayers, sing songs and dance around the bonfire. Some parts of Punjab also witness the festival of Lohri by making an image of the Lohri goddess with dried cattle dung. They light up fire beneath it and then start by chanting in the name of the goddess and by praising her. First lohri after marriage or after a baby is born is very grandly celebrated to thanks these happy moments which occurred in the previous year.

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People celebrating this festival tune into a popular folklore “Sunder mundriye” and celebrate Lohri. It is said that the origin of the Lohri festival lies within the tale of a man named Dulla Bhatii who lived in Punjab during the reign of the Mughal emperor Akbar. He was also known as the “Robinhood” who used to steal from the rich people to help the poor and also did help in rescuing the poor Punjabi girls who were supposed to be sold as slaves in the market. He then got those married to local boys and also offered them dowry from the money he steals. Two among those rescued girls were Sunder and Mundriye on whom the song was based upon. Dedicating this festival to the story of Dullah Bhatti is one of the reasons why we celebrate lohri although there are many iterations and other origin story behind this festival.

Overall, during the winter, Lohri is one festival which people await eagerly for. Even people from other regions where Lohri is not that popular are also getting themselves involved in the celebrations of the festival and share the warmth with all others.

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