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ayurvedic medicine for bone tb

Tuberculosis Natural Treatment | Ayurvedic Treatment For TB



Are you looking for Tuberculosis Natural treatment? Presenting here Ayurvedic Treatment for TB. Read on!
Tuberculosis is one of the severe infectious disease specially associated with the lungs. Do you know when you compare the disease to other fatal diseases, Turberculosis or TB comes second all over the globe.
Tuberculosis Natural Treatment
Tuberculosis Natural Treatment

Types of tuberculosis infections:

Latent tuberculosis – the bacteria remains in the body in an inactive state. They cause no symptoms and are not contagious, but they can become active.
Active tuberculosis – the bacteria do cause symptoms and can be transmitted.

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Some ayurvedic treatments for tuberculosis:

Garlic is used as a natural herb for tuberculosis. Take two buds of garlic and peel off their covering. Grind these garlic buds and add them to two hundred fifty grams of milk. Now boil this milk. As the milk becomes viscous take it off the burner and let it cool. Drink this milk once a day (in morning or before going to sleep) regularly for one to two months. This is a natural cure for tuberculosis.
Must read – This ayurvedic medicine for tuberculosis can also be used as a treatment for high blood pressure, and can also be used as a prevention measure for high blood pressure. If you are suffering from the problem of intestinal worms then you can take some grinded garlic and fill it inside the raisins. Eat it three times a day regularly for four day to get permant relief from intestinal worms. Eating garlic in winters regularly for few months helps in improving health. If you have swelling in kidneys or bladder then also you can take this ayurvedic treatment.
Optional – Put a dried date into two hundred fifty grams of milk in the morning. Boil it before going to sleep and take the dried date out of milk. Now throw out the seed of dried date and eat it. Then add some sugar to this milk and drink it. This is one of the best herbal medicines for tuberculosis. It also makes the lungs stronger.

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Must read – This ayurvedic treatment for tuberculosis is helpful in fighting against long term diseases and also helps patients suffering from measles to keep their body healthy. This natural cure for tuberculosis is also helpful for old people suffering from cough no matter since how long they are facing these health issues. If you take dried dates with milk regularly for few weeks in winters then it can help you in gaining weight.
These are the ayurvedic treatments for tuberculosis which work as a natural cure for tb. They are absolutely free from any side effects and give assured results.

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