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Homeopathic medicines for female hysteria

Top Homeopathic Remedies And Medicines For Female Hysteria



Presenting here top homeopathic remedies and medicines for female hysteria. Read on!

Top Homeopathic Remedies And Medicines For Female Hysteria
Homeopathic Medicines For Female Hysteria

Hysteria means uncontrolled emotional excess.  The word hysteria originates from the Greek word hysterika meaning uterus. Though now the term hysteria is abandoned by the modern medical professionals and has been given more specific category.

Hysteria is mainly a neurotic disorder; it is when the nerves in our body respond differently due to problems like grief, insomnia, suicidal nature etc. Women are more prone to such diseases. The brain nerves causing mental stress or nervousness are the main reason behind hysteria.

Various causes of Hysteria:

  • Conflict
  • Mental Stress
  • Depression
  • Sexual restraint
  • Prolonged sickness
  • Grief 
  • Emotional stress


There are a variety of symptoms, which help in identifying if one suffers from nervous disorder:

  • Weakness and paralysis of muscular groups.
  • Patient laughs or cries alternatively.
  • Severe spasm with clenched hands, shivering.
  • Fear and grief
  • Palpitation
  • Severe headache
  • Fits

Types of Hysteria:

There are two types of hysteria:

1. Conversion disorder: Conversion disorder is where patient suffers from physical illness and has no medical history related to it.

2. Dissociative disorder: Dissociative disorder is in which patient experiences short-term memory loss, consciousness.

But both the above types have a common reason behind them: nervous disorder, psychological or emotional stress.

Homeopathic Remedies: for treatment of Hysteria

Homeopathy is one of the most popular and complete systems of medical science. It does not only aim at treating the disease but also help in identifying the cause behind it.  The remedies are based on the individual symptoms, their severity, personality and type.

There are few methods, which one can follow along with the homeopathic treatment, which can help in speedy recovery:

Calling someone: Calling a friend, relative or anyone with whom one can share emotions helps a lot. It helps in distressing and venting out the hidden anger, anxiety.

Walking around: Taking a stroll helps clear the mind, stimulate blood flow, acts as a distraction.

Below is the list of homeopathic medicines, which can be given to hysteria patient depending on their symptoms

1. Ignatia 200 – as per requirement

Take this medicine when:

  • The patient is suffering from hysteria due to grief, fright etc.

2. Pulsatilla 30 or 200 – as per need

Take this medicine when:

  • Women do not have menstrual or have the tendency to cry a lot or if the symptoms keep changing.

3. Platina 200 – as per need

This medicine should be given:

  • To patients specially women who show hatred during fit or have the tendency to get naked. 

4. Aurum Met 200 or 1M – 3 dose

This medicine is to be given

  • To patients who have strong suicidal nature. 

5. Hyocyidum 30 or 200 – 3 times a day

Take this medicine when:

  • Patient (women) suffers from fits during menstrual cycle or one who suffers from the problem of constant doubt e.g. someone might poison him/her.

6. Asafoetida 30 – 3 times a day

Take this medicine when:

  • Bloating due to gas, spasm or burning sensation etc. 

Give the medication to a patient affected by hysteria caused due to them continually suffering from common disease like cough, loose motions, skin disease etc.

7. Nuv Vomika 30 – 3 times a day

Take this medicine when:

  • Patient suffers hysteria due bloating, constipation, hiccups etc.

8. Coffea 30 – 3 times a day:

Take this medicine when:

  • Patient suffers from insomnia along with fit; severe headache s if a nail was being driven into the top of the head.

9. Conium 200 or 1M – as per need

Take this medicine when:

  • Patient suffers from hysteria due to suppressing sexual desire, or to have a feeling of relaxation after intercourse.

10. Tarentula C 200 or 1 M – as per need

Take this medicine when:

  • The music soothes a patient, Low tolerance towards touch or squeeze.

11. Moschus 30 or 200 – as per need

Take this medicine when:

  • Patients are restless, soft hearted, and crazy. Susceptibility to faint if provoked, while eating or during menstruation period. Feeling cold and shivering. Uncontrolled laughter. 

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