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Nilamadhab temple in kantilo, Nayagarh, India



Shree Nilamdhab temple hosts a very beautiful deity of lord Jagannatha in blue color. This is why the temple has the word “Nila”(Blue) in it.
There is a stream of water that flows to the feet of the lord Jagannath permanently. Nearby, there is a very beautiful river Mahanadi which flows throughout the year. 

Place Known For:
  • This place is one of the most popular picnic spot in Orissa. It is just 100 Kilometers from Bhubaneswar which is also the capital of Orissa. There is a town Nayagarh nearby which is also good for a weekend holiday.
  • The place is very famous among the lord shiv devotees. These devotees chant “Bol Bam” and take water from the mahanadi river and offer it to lord shiva. 
  • There are many local manufacturer who make handmade brass utensils. These utensils art is rare to find anywhere else. 
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