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ayurvedic treatment for tooth decay

Natural Home Remedies For Tooth Pain | Ayurvedic Treatment For Tooth Decay



Are you looking for natural home remedies for tooth pain? We have brought for you very effective Ayurvedic treatment for tooth decay.
Having pain in teeth or toothache is generally pain around your teeth and jaws. The major reason behind this pain is tooth decay. The pain of toothache comes in various forms, sometimes it is instant while some other times, it is a constant pain you face for days. Moreover eating something unusual, specially extremely hot or cold food or drinks, can even worsen the pain or make the problem severe.The severity of the pain also varies. Suddenly, you are feeling sharp pain while in another minute, it’s just mild pain. Usually, the pain worsens during nights as you lie down. Generally, a broken tooth or lost feeling initiates the pain in the teeth.
Natural Home Remedies For Tooth Pain | Ayurvedic Treatment For Tooth Decay
Natural Home Remedies For Tooth Pain | Ayurvedic Treatment For Tooth Decay

It can also be sometimes difficult to decide whether the pain is in your upper or lower teeth. When a lower modular tooth is affected, the pain can often feel like it is coming from the ear. Majorly if you are facing pain in upper teeth, it comes from sinuses, which is the small air-filled cavity behind forehead and cheekbone. During toothache, the area of jaw by your tooth becomes sore and even tender to touch.

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Here we have some home remedies for toothache:

Take ten grams of embelia ribes. Add ten grams of white alum to it. Grind them together. Take three kilograms of water and add the grinded mixture to it. Now boil this water till it remains one third of the initial quantity. Pass it through a fine cotton cloth and fill it in a bottle. Gargle this water twice a day whenever you have pain in your tooth. Do it regularly for two days. It is a natural remedy for tooth pain. If you apply this home remedy for toothache for few more days then it can make your teeth as strong as rocks.
Must read – Embelia ribes are very good for curing all the diseases of teeth. These ayurvedic remedies for toothache are very effective.
There are few things that you should ignore eating while facing any dental problems like tabacco, jaggery, brinjal, fish and other eatables that causes cough. Tea, coffee, curd, ice-cream, cold drinks, bread, biscuits, etc should not be eaten frequently.
Optional – Take few guava leaves and add them to one bowl of water. Now boil this water till the juice of guava leaves gets mixed with water. Let this water become as viscous as boiled milk and then switch-off the burner. Gargle this water to get relief from pain. This ayurvedic medicine for tooth pain also removes the tooth worms.

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Optional – Take a piece of ginger and peel off its covering. Grind it and then put it on the paining tooth. Now let the ginger stay there and suck its juice slowly. This natural remedy for toothache is very effective.
These ayurvedic treatments for tooth pain give fast results and are free from any side effects.

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