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ayurvedic treatment for bronchitis cough

[Natural] Home Remedies For Bronchitis With Ayurveda



Looking for some natural remedies for Bronchitis or want to try some home remedies for Bronchitis? Read on!
Bronchitis is a disease in which in the patient’s lungs, there is acute inflammation of bronchi and trachea which results in accumulation and discharge of sputum as well as phlegm. Bronchitis can sometimes be acute while on other times it can be chronic too. Generally, Acute bronchitis stays for the short duration and can be easily cured within a few weeks, but chronic bronchitis when happens, stays for much longer duration comparatively.
Home Remedies For Bronchitis With Ayurveda
Home Remedies For Bronchitis With Ayurveda

Air prevents the water within the breathing routes, the motion of the air becomes disrupted, and also phlegm gathers up in the lung tissue. As a way to discharge this phlegm, there is a normal reaction of coughing, resulting in Bronchitis. This is often caused by many and varied reasons such as breathing of smoke and dust, exercise, diet and drinks which have drying out impact on your body, and also the blockage of the trachea through food pieces. An additional trigger is controlling the normal tendencies of body, such as passing stool and urine, hunger, thrust, sneeze, sleeping, breathing, yawning, tears, coughing, etc.

Here we have ayurvedic treatment for Bronchitis cough:

Make separate powders of dry ginger, black pepper and turmeric respectively. Mix four teaspoon of each of these powders and fill it in a bottle. Add two grams(half teaspoon) of this mixture to hot water and drink it. Drink it twice a day. This home remedy for Bronchitis is very helpful.
Optional- This natural remedy for Bronchitis is helpful in giving relief from cough, joint pain and back pain. Drink this mixture for three to seven days according to the requirement. If the problem is not completely cured then you can have it for another four to five days.

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Optional- You can apply another natural remedy for Bronchitis if it is not possible for you to apply the above mentioned remedy.  Take equal amount of black pepper and sugar. Grind them together. Add clarified butter to this powder in such an amount that a paste is formed. Now make small berry sized balls of this paste and have one ball each day. This is one of the best home remedies for Bronchitis. You can see the results even after having one ball of this paste.

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This is how we can naturally cure Bronchitis. It is one of the best Bronchitis home treatments that is absolutely safe and do not have any side effects.

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