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how to stop a nosebleed fast

How To Stop A Nosebleed Fast Permanently – Home Remedies Inside!



Are you wondering how to stop a nosebleed fast permanently? We have got some effective home remedies inside! Read on!
How many times has it happened that you are just playing a sport on a lovely afternoon and suddenly, you see blood from the nose of one of your fellow? Well, although looks quite serious, nosebleeding is not that severe disease. In medical terms, the problem is known as epistaxis.
There is no particular victims of the problem, but nosebleeding is most commonly seen among old age people, pregnant women, children of age 2-10 years, and people who are taking medications for blood thinning.
How To Stop A Nosebleed Fast Permanently - Home Remedies Inside!
How To Stop A Nosebleed Fast Permanently – Home Remedies Inside!
There are usually two categories of nosebleed. The category depends on where the blood of nosebleeding is coming from:
1. Anterior nosebleeds: This is the most common nosebleed, and can easily be cured at home. In this situation, the blood comes from the blood vessel at the nose front.
2. Posterior nosebleeds: Comparatively less common and affects old age people more. In this type, blood from the artery comes at the back of the nose. Usually this kind of nose bleeding requires hospital treatment.

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Here we have some home remedies for nose bleeding:

1. Take three grams of borax. Add some water to it and apply it on both of the nostrils. This is how you can stop nosebleed fastly.
Optional – Apply cold water on the head to stop nose bleeding. If it does not work then you can apply the above mentioned remedy which will work for sure.
2. If you have the problem of nose bleeding since long time then also you can cure it by home remedies. Take twenty grams of Multani soil and grind it to form small pieces. Now dip it into two hundred fifty grams of water in a utensil of clay for whole night. Next morning seperate the clean water and drink it. For children give it in half amount. Also add sugar to it before giving it to a child. This remedy can stop nose bleeding forever no matter since how long you are facing it. Take it regularly for two to three days for best results.
Must read – Even if you have heavy nose bleeding then also it will stop by using the above mentioned remedy. People who go through nose bleeding multiple times in a day can also be benifited by this home remedy. Rubbing the Multani soil on patient’s nose can also give fast relaxation. This is the best herbal treatment for nose bleeding.

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These home remedies for nose bleeding are very effective and give fast and assured results.

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