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homeopathic drops for dengue fever

Homeopathic Medicine For Dengue Prevention And Low Platelets Count



Read on the article to know about some effective homeopathic medicines for Dengue prevention and low platelets count.

Dengue is a very threatening disease with a very high mortality rate in India. This disease causes throbbing pain in the neck and within the bones. You also have to consider taking homeopathic medicine for platelets low count as dengue reduces the platelets count drastically and could also kill the patient.

Medicine for dengue in homeopathy

There are many homeopathic drops for dengue fever and homeopathic medicine for dengue and the following list covers the most result oriented ones which should provide relief and cure the disease.

1. Eupatorium Perf. Dosage: 30, Daily 2-3 times

Take this homeopathic medicine Eupatorium Perfoliatum when:
  • Patient is experiencing intense pain in the bones
  • Pain in the back and in the limbs while getting the cold
  • BIle disorder, vomiting, dysentry
  • Fever mostly occurring in the morning around 6am
  • Feels thirsty before the fever occurs
  • Gets to know before the cold comes as patient shivers and is not able to drink lots of water

2. Gelsemium. Dosage: 30, Daily 2-3 times

Take this medicine when:
  • Intense pain within the muscles
  • Drowsy, fatigue
  • Feels like to lie down quietly
  • Headache while urinating
  • Not feeling thirsty

3. Belladona. Dosage: 30, Daily 3-4 times

Take this medicine when:
  • Face and eyes turns red
  • High fever and headache
  • Waist pain

4. Rhus Tox. Dosage: 30, Daily 2-3 times

Take this medicine when:
  • Experiencing body ache
  • Reddish appearance on the tip of the tongue

5. Bryonia. Dosage: 30. After every 2-3 hours interval

Take this medicine when:
  • Feels too thirsty
  • Body ache
  • Want to lie down quietly
  • Feels sick due to the slightest movement
  • Patient drinks lot by volume but within longer time
  • White looking tongue
  • Constipation

Note: Stay away from mosquitoes. Consider visiting the hospital in case the patient recovery doesn’t happen gradually. There are also homeopathic medicines for dengue prevention which you can try out and stay safe.

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