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chicken pox homeopathic vaccine

Homeopathic Medicine For Chicken Pox Prevention



Presenting here some effective homeopathic medicine for Chicken pox prevention and scars.

Chicken pox is a very contagious disease. Chicken pox can spread to other people from the ones which are already affected through air infected by the droplets that are emitted from their sneezing. Even touching the blisters/grains forming on the infected one’s body can also infect the other healthy person.

Chicken pox remains for at least seven days. The contagious nature of this disease starts two days before the early symptoms are realized. Whenever someone gets infected and diagnosed with chicken pox, they are kept isolated for the next seven days in order to prevent the disease from spreading and infecting others. This disease also causes high fever and transparent liquid filled boils/grains all over the body. Children are the common prey to this disease.

There is one misconception about small pox and chicken pox to be inter-related. Well, there is no such relation among the two.

Homeopathic medicine for chicken pox or chicken pox homeopathic medicine name:
There are chicken pox homeopathic vaccine like varicella which has to be taken for preventing chicken pox to happen under the supervision of a doctor. This is one of the anti pox homeopathic medicine names.

1. Aconite 6 or 30. Dosage: Daily 4 times

Take this medicine when:
  • High fever during the initial days of the disease along with restlessness
  • Mental Unrest
  • Disease gets into its peak during evenings

2. Belladona 6 or 30. Dosage: Daily 4 times

Take this medicine when:
  • Too much blood accumulates in the head with intense headache
  • Body turns hot in temperature
  • Face turns red

3. Rhus toxus 6 or 30. Dosage: As required

Take this medicine when:
  • The boils/grains turns very itchy
  • Restlessness
  • Patient feels better while walking or while making movements

This is a very common remedy for people suffering from chicken pox. In children, this disease is very common and it makes them very restless due to the itchy grains that forms all over the body.

Homeopathic medicine for chicken pox scars:

This disease tends to leave marks of those blisters that form all over the body and it starts looking bad on people suffered from this. To get rid of those scars, use variolinum 200 and this should help.

Biochemic medicines and precautionary homeopathic medicine for chicken pox: Kali Mur 6x and Ferrum Phos 6x

Note: Consume sago (sabudana), milk, pomegranate, grapes in case of fever. Avoid meat and fish while suffering from chicken pox. Also consider to consult a doctor for getting homeopathic medicine for chicken pox prevention if you hear about people falling prey to this disease in your neighborhood.
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