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homeopathic medicine for mouth ulcers

Homeopathic Medicine And Remedies For Mouth Ulcers



Mouth ulcers, they are irritating, they are painful and they can happen to anyone! Read on the article to know about homeopathic medicine and remedies for mouth ulcers.
At least once in a lifetime, every one of us has suffered due to mouth ulcers. There are cases when people complain about mouth ulcer incident multiple times.
Mouth ulcers might look very small in size but these painful sores are a very unwanted and discomforting experience.
Such mouth ulcers clean themselves up in few weeks but it is far better to take homeopathic medicines and get rid of these mouth ulcers in lesser time. Little bit of care could provide relief from the painful experiences. It’s suggested to consult a doctor in case if the mouth ulcers are continuing to exist even after a period of three weeks.
homeopathic medicine for mouth ulcers
homeopathic medicine for mouth ulcers
Let’s learn more about mouth ulcers in detail to know more about them so that they can be taken care of by using proper methods.
Mouth ulcers are round shaped sores that can appear inside the mouth or on the tongue or even on the lips. Even mouth ulcers appear in multiple colors like grey, yellow, red or white. Mouth ulcers are different than cold sores which appear on the lips due to excess exposure to cold. Mouth ulcers can make daily life pretty uncomfortable by creating difficulties while drinking, eating or even while brushing teeth.
There are many possible causes for mouth ulcers. Few of these are as follows:
  • Intake of too much citrus fruits which are highly acidic in nature
  • Rubbing of Poor fitting braces or dentures against the mouth.
  • Due to stress or anxiety
  • Due to hormonal changes mostly during pregnancy or menopause
  • As side-effects of medication and pain killers
  • Due to nutritional deficiency
Homeopathic medicine for mouth ulcers
1. Merc Sol 30. Dosage: Daily 3 times
Take this medicine when
  • Swelling inside mouth
  • Too much of saliva secretion
  • Tongue becomes thick and heavier
  • Ulcers condition worsens due to chewing gums
2. Acid Sulf 30. Dosage: Daily 3 times
Take this medicine when
  • Ulcers happens due to hyperacidity
3. Borax 30. Dosage: Daily 3 times
Take this medicine when
  • Babies develop mouth ulcers
  • Ulcers happens along with mental condition and developing fear while descending from certain height
4. Hepar Sulf 30. Dosage: Daily 3 times
Take this medicine when
  • Ulcer pains more during daytime
  • Blood flows are observed
  • Patient is usually of a calm nature
5. Acid Nitric 30. Dosage: Daily 3 times
Take this medicine when
  • Very painful ulcers occur
  • Blood passing while spitting
  • Bad odor comes from mouth
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