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ayurvedic medicine for bedwetting

Home Remedies For Bedwetting | How To Stop Peeing The Bed



Are you wondering how to stop peeing the bed? We have brought for you some effective home remedies for bedwetting you should try.
Bed wetting, also known as Nocturnal enuresis is a common phenomenon, refers to a stage where urine is unintentionally passes during one’s sleep. In medical terms, wetting is called Enuresis which happens in the clothes both during day and night. This problem is also known as urinary incontinence.
home remedies for bed wetting
home remedies for bed wetting
For infants and young children, urination is involuntary. Wetting is normal for them. Most children receive some bladder control by four years of age. Day time control is usually achieved first, while night time control comes later.
Factors that affect the age at which wetting is considered a problem include the following:
1. The child’s gender: bedwetting is more common in boys.
2. Child’s development and maturity.
3. The child’s overall mental and physical health.

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Here we have mentioned some home remedies to stop bedwetting:
Black Sesame
Take some black sesame and grind them to form a powder. Eat one teaspoon of this powder. Chew it properly while eating. After you finish eating this powder drink one glass of milk. Take it for three weeks to three months according to the requirement. If you want to give this ayurvedic medicine for bedwetting to a child who is less than six years of age then give only half teaspoon of the sesame powder.
If a child of three to twelve years of age have the problem of bed wetting then give him one teaspoon of honey with dinner or before going to sleep. It increases the ability to control the urine passage and helps to overcome the habit of bed wetting. This natural cure for bedwetting is an absolutely effective remedy as experienced by thousands of people. If the child is below six years of age then you can mix honey in water and then give it to him.

Must read – If the child cries at night then it indicates that he has experienced some bad dream because of improper digestion. Give him half teaspoon of honey. Honey improves the digestion in children and therefore also gives relief from bad dreams. This ayurvedic medicine for bedwetting is very effective and free from any side effects.

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Milk and Raisins
If a child of five to six years of age is habitual to bedwetting then take two hundred fifty grams of milk and add three raisins to it. Take out the seeds of raisins before adding them to the milk. Now boil this milk. Let it cool. Now give these raisins and milk to the child. Give it regularly for three to four days. This is how you can stop bedwetting naturally.

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