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home remedies for bad breath

Home Remedies For Bad Breath- Cure Bad Breath Permanently



Are you looking for some way to cure bad breath permanently? Presenting here some very effective home remedies for bad breath.
Bad breath, also called halitosis, can be embarrassing and in some cases may even cause anxiety. It is no wonder that store shelves are overflowing with gum, mints, mouthwashes and other products designed to fight bad breath. But many of these products are only temporary measures because they do not address the cause of the problem.
Home Remedies For Bad Breath- Cure Bad Breath Permanently
Home Remedies For Bad Breath- Cure Bad Breath Permanently

Certain foods, health conditions and habits are among the cause of bad breath. In many cases, you can improve bad breath with consistent proper dental hygiene. If simple self-care techniques do not solve the problem, see your dentist or physician to be sure that a more serious condition is not causing your bad breath.

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Bad breath odors vary, depending on the source or underlying cause. Some people worry too much about their breath even though they have little or no mouth odor, while others have bad breath and do not even know it because it is difficult to know that how your own breath smells.

Here we have some home remedies for bad breath:

Take a clove and chew it properly after having your meal. It removes the bad smell from mouth and also solves the problem of bad breath.
Must read – Cloves can help to remove bad odor from your body as well as mouth. It also solves the problem of cough. Keeping the clove in your mouth and chewing it properly helps in throwing the cough out of your body and also removes its smell. It cures the gum and teeth problems. This ayurvedic medicine for bad breath also makes the teeth stronger. It improves the functioning of the digestive system. It solves the problem of acidity. Mouth ulcers are also removed by the use of cloves. This natural cure for bad breath even helps in curing arthiritis.
Optional – After having your meal take half teaspoon of funnel seeds and eat them. Chew them properly while eating and do it twice a day. It helps to cure bad odor naturally. This home remedy for bad breath also helps in curing other mouth problems. It removes dry cough and also helps in curing the problem  of itching in throat.

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Optional – Take one glass of water and squeeze a lemon in it. Now gargle this water. Do it twice a day. Take this bad breath natural treatment regularly for two weeks.
These were the ways to get rid of bad odor naturally. Apply these remedies regularly for best results.

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