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Anorexia homeopathy

[Anorexia] Loss of appetite Treatment in Homeopathy



Are you not feeling hungry enough? Read on the article to know about the most effective Anorexia or loss of appetite treatment in homeopathy.

[Anorexia] Loss of appetite Treatment in Homeopathy
[Anorexia] Loss of appetite Treatment in Homeopathy

How many times have you got the feeling that you are not hungry, or you don’t feel like eating even if there is your favorite dish out there? And above all, how many times you have considered this situation a normal one? Guess what, it’s not!

Anorexia Nervosa refers to an eating disorder in which the affected individual has a lack of desire or a total aversion to eat food. This is a psychological disorder which exists more in females than males, particularly during their teenage and young adulthood. The patient has an unreasonable fear of being fat or getting fat, even if they are very skinny.

This leads to patients losing their appetite, engaging in excessive self starvation, compulsive exercising, unsupervised use of diet pills etc., all in a bid to lose weight. There is no known cause for this disease.

However, observation and theories suggest it is majorly psychological and stems from self-consciousness about one’s body, deep rooted self esteem issues or pressure from society. No matter how much weight the affected loses, it would never be enough for him. They would never be satisfied with his body and keep trying to lose more weight. Anorexia is a very serious disorder that can lead to several complications in health and well being. If not administered at the right time, it could also lead to death.

Causes of Anorexia

  • The exact cause has not been ascertained, however, it can arise from a variety of reasons.
  • Psychological issues such as: unreasonable image of the ‘perfect body’, low self esteem, depression, need to substitute control, societal alienation etc.
  • People with anorexic parents or relatives have high chances of acquiring this disease, it can be hereditary too
  • In the magazine age, families and the society keep pressurizing on the need for people to be thin and slender. This can affect the individuals adversely and be taken too far on the wrong road
  • Stressful life events like: death of a loved one, breakups, transitions etc. could also trigger this condition
  • Childhood abuse or unresolved issues often form a cause for anorexia

Symptoms of Anorexia

The symptoms are always impossible to trace, especially in the beginning, as the people affected are always secretive and guarded about it. Also, if questioned they are ready with their explanations and impenetrable excuses. Gradually, as their health and appearance declines their condition becomes more and more obvious.

There are still a few behavioral cues that should be taken seriously if observed:

  • Severe dieting and eating restrictions despite being thin
  • Excessive weight loss, fixation of body image, complaining about being fat despite being underweight, constant denial of being thin etc.
  • Unreasonable obsession with calories and fats, always counts calories before eating anything
  • Pretending to eat, not eating in public, hiding or throwing away food and other strange food habits
  • Over use of weight loss drugs & laxatives, compulsive exercising, often vomiting after eating etc.

Treatment of Anorexia

1. Lecithin 3X, three times a day

Take this medicine when

  • Weakness and tiredness due to coughing

2. Nux Vomica 30, three times a day

Take this Homeopathic medicine for anorexia when

  • After consumption of spicy or rich food in large quantities

3. Pulsatilla 30, three times a day

Take this medicine when

  • After consumption of highly nutritious or fatty food; cakes and pastries etc.

4. Arsenic Alb 30, three times in day

Take this medicine when

  • After consumption of ice cream, food that is not fresh or polluted water

5. China 30, three times a day

Take this medicine when

  • Patient does not feel hungry but when starts eating, feels hungry again

6. Lycoposdium 30, three times a day

Take this medicine when

  • If the patient is full after consumption of small amounts of food
  • is soothed by hot food and water. 
  • Craving for sweet items, stomach seems to be full of air.Due to which stomach feels full even after eating little amount of food

7. Carbo Veg 30, three times in day

Take this medicine when

  • Release of air from the mouth, constant burps.
  • Hands and feet are cold, ache in chest. 
  • It feels pleasant staying under the fan or in open air.

8. Gentiana Lutea Q, as per dosage required

Take this medicine when

  • Patient is not feeling hungry after going through some disease or fever

General instructions for care: Give the patient Alfalfa Tonic two or three times a day; the food given to such patients should be light and digestible; foods which are rich and fatty should be avoided at all costs; a light exercise early in the morning or a walk in clean open air would prove fruitful for the affected too.

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