[Ayurveda] Home Remedies For Green Stool In Infants

Found green stools in your baby’s poop? Should you be concerned? Is there any natural remedy to treat dark green baby poop? Find out here.

Home Remedies For Green Stool In Infants
Home Remedies For Green Stool In Infants

So, you have recently experienced motherhood and you are overprotective of everything related to your newborn. Changing diapers is one of your routine tasks now. And so is, inspecting the poop of the baby. So do you panic when you see green stools in the poop of your baby? Well, you don’t need to, neither do you require a visit to the nearest doctor.

In this article, we are going to talk about the major causes of dark green stool in a baby’s poop. We will also talk about home remedies for green loose motion in infants. So let’s get started:

Some of the common cause of green stools in babies are as following:

1. Natural transition: This is the most common one. The First stools of babies are usually the black and in form of Meconium. Once the breastfeeding is started, by the third day the color changes to a dark green baby poop.

After fifth day or so, the color changes to yellow again. It looks like a liquid with seedy bits. But even if there is just liquid without seeds, that’s normal too. This color is consistent until the baby starts having anything other than milk.

2. Tummy bug: If the baby is not well, it can lead to change in poop’s color. This color can last for a few days until the baby is fit again. The best way to help the baby recover is by breastfeeding.

3. Oversupply: Sometimes, when you oversupply the milk to your baby, it can change the poop color. The reason being, you are providing high-sugar/low-fat foremilk which can overwhelm the baby’s gut and cause the change in poop’s color.

4. Ineffective breastfeeding: During the fifth day, if the baby's poop turns green rather than yellow, as in the case of oversupply, this may be a symptom that the baby is not able to drain the breast well enough to get past the high-sugar/low-fat foremilk.

5. Sensitivity to specific food or drug: In case a sensitive or allergic baby reacts to a drug that you are including in your diet or giving directly to the baby, this can also turn his stool green or mucusy. You may even notice bits of blood in it, which is a serious case to be worried about.
Now let’s talk about the remedies.

Home remedies for green poop in babies:

If your child is suffering from green loose motion or the color of baby's stool is green, it can happen because of cold in his body.

  • Take Nutmeg (Jaiphal, जायफल)  and wash it with clean water. 
  • Now add few drops of water to this nutmeg. 
  • Grind the mixture properly. 
  • Once done, add some sugar to it. Keep this paste in a clean bowl. 
  • Take half teaspoon of this paste and add water to it. 
  • Give it to the baby twice a day with your finger (wash your hands properly before doing so).

This formula for baby stool green and seedy is very effective and does not have any side effects either.

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