Why We celebrate Children's day on 14 Nov when UN observes it on 20 Nov Worldwide

While fulfilling my quest to understand more about Pandit Nehru Ji, I came to know that children's day was not celebrated on 14 November until 1964!

Originally, it was Vengalil Krishnan Krishna Menon who came up with the idea of universal children day. It was honored by UN and children day was celebrated in oct every year until 1959. 

VK Krishna Menon was also called Nehru's Evil genius as he was his right hand. I will talk about him some other day

Anyways on 20 November 1959, United Nations adopted the declaration of the rights of child under human rights[source]. As a remembrance of this date, the UN decided to celebrate this day as children day. This update is date was also followed by India and we started celebrating Children day on 20 November every year.

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Chacha Nehru died on 27 may 1964 due to sudden illness. It was demanded to make his birth day memorable one and since he was very popular among kids (hence called Chacha), It was decided that his birthday will be celebrated as children's day across India. 

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