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10 Raw Foods for Your Couple to Get Healthier



If you want to be successful in life, you should be into healthy eating. And we will gladly help you with this.
Thermal treatment reduces the nutritional value of products – this is a well-known fact. When we boil something, we deprive it of a huge amount of micro elements. When we grill something, along with a fragrant haze, precious vitamins leave, and in their place, dangerous carcinogens are formed. If you want to start getting real benefits from food, you need to learn how to cook them with minimal heat treatment or without it at all. Btw, this can also help if you are into Ukrainian girls online dating as girls always love healthy guys
Of course, some foods get extra flavors after frying or boiling, and some need heat to get rid of bacteria. Cook these foods the way you like. But there are products that are tasty and useful to eat raw. It is about them that will be discussed in our today’s article.
Probably, fish is the richest source of fat-soluble vitamins from those that are available to man daily. The man understood this in ancient times,  with a help of some primitive instinct. The experience of ancient people was confirmed under the lenses of microscopes in laboratories. Traditionally in most countries, people cook fish with the help of heat. However, in this way, it loses most of the useful trace elements. It is best to eat fish raw. Cook, for example, carpaccio or tartar – it’s tasty and useful.
Avocados are the richest source of vitamins such as B6, E and C. It contains a huge amount of magnesium and potassium, even more than in bananas. In addition, nutritionists call avocado a universal resource of unsaturated fats, which are necessary to maintain health in the human body. Avocado is a very satisfying product. It can be added to sandwiches and salads, perfecting the taste and getting a huge benefit. Many supporters of a healthy lifestyle are replacing bread with avocados. We recommend eating it in the morning.
In coconut, there are two useful ingredients – flesh and water. The flesh is very rich in fiber and various kinds of proteins. Most often it is added to salads or desserts.
Coconut water contains 8 amino acids and a number of other useful microelements. It perfectly restores strength, better than any sports drink.
Green Juice
Juice from green vegetables is a powerful natural antioxidant. With its help, you can cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and wastes. To cook green juice, celery, spinach, parsley, dill, and cucumbers are most often used. All that you need to prepare a universal cocktail of life is the above products and a blender. It is best to drink green juice before breakfast, on an empty stomach.
Raw honey
It will be most correct to say that raw honey is unpasteurized honey, that is, it was not subjected to heating before packing.
Raw honey is honey that was pumped out of the hive, hand-packaged, and later it must crystallize. So, as this honey does not undergo heating and filtration, it retains all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Only in raw honey, there is amylase, an enzyme that helps the digestive system in the fight against acidic indigestion. Regular consumption of raw honey increases life expectancy.
Chia seeds are rich in antioxidants, which prevent aging of the body – this is the secret of the attractiveness of women of the Mexican tribes. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, essential for the prevention of osteoporosis and lowering cholesterol in the blood, are also present in these beneficial grains.
Wheat germ
The product contains a complex of vitamins and elements necessary for the human body. Not surprisingly, such a “live” food is popular among fans of healthy eating. Wheat germ is a grain, on which appeared shoots up to 2 cm with green leaves. In the germinated grains contains fiber, which normalizes metabolic processes, improves digestion, and even promotes weight loss. In addition, wheat germs are an excellent means of preventing cancer disease.
Olives and olive oil
If you add these products in their raw form to your diet, you will get an excellent source of unsaturated fats, minerals, and vitamins. Thanks to the unique chemical composition of olives and olive oil, the whole complex of trace elements are very well absorbed by the body. These products normalize blood pressure, strengthen immunity and have a rejuvenating effect on the body.
Natural cheeses
Cheese is a good source of calcium, a key nutrient for healthy bones and teeth, blood clotting, healing of wounds and maintaining normal blood pressure. Regular use of natural cheeses activates the body’s immune system and protects against various diseases.
Berries must be consumed in any season – both fresh and frozen. Natural berries contain many antioxidants and have a general strengthening effect on the body.

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