[Pyorrhea] Pyria Treatment And Medicines In Homeopathy

Are you looking for Pyria treatment in homeopathy? Read on the article to find out the best homeopathic medicines for Pyorrhea.

[Pyorrhea] Pyria Treatment And Medicines In Homeopathy
[Pyorrhea] Pyria Treatment And Medicines In Homeopathy

Pyorrhea is a dental disease related to the gums. Gum diseases are also of many forms and types like gingivitis, periodontal disease and pyorrhea or Periodontitis.

Pyorrhea causes infections in the gums as a result of plaque and tartar build up in the gum lines. If this condition is allowed to progress without any treatment, this can also lead to gum and bone loss and eventually to tooth loss. Periodontitis is the stage when the progress leads to the tissue and the bone.

This stage is considered to be very serious and needs immediate medical treatment and pyorrhea treatment homeopathy. Homeopathy for periodontal disease is very effective if the correct symptoms are diagnosed and then medicines are taken accordingly.

Symptoms of gum disease for pyria treatment in homeopathy:

Although it rarely hurts but there are several symptoms which are very common in adults as well as among young people and are often ignored.
  • Swollen gums
  • Tender and reddish appearance of the gums
  • Bad odor coming out of the mouth
  • Teeth feels like loose or separating
  • Receded gums where the gums pull away at a distance from the teeth
If you've any of these symptoms for sometime then you must consider treating yourself with these medicines or perhaps get yourself a medical checkup and homeopathic periodontal disease treatment.

When gums are swollen and the wound in the gums are left untreated for long, the gums do not cause any pain but sometimes pus comes out of the gums. If the pus goes inside the stomach then it might also cause stomach disorders.

Homeopathy medicine for pyorrhea:
1. Hecla Lava 3x or 4x. Dosage: Daily 3-4 times

Take this medicine as it is one of the main homeopathy medicines for pyria

2. Calendula 30. Dosage: Daily 3 times

Take this medicine other than the previous one. Having this medicine has caused relief to many people suffering from it.

3. Silicea 30 or 6x. Dosage: Daily 3 times

Take this medicine when:
  • Swollen gums
  • Painful gums
  • Relief from taking hot or cold beverages
4. Carbo Veg 3x. Dosage: 2-4 grains Daily 4 times

Take this medicine when:
  • Primarily it is a gum disease and not essentially sure of pyorrhea
5. Kali Carb 30. Dosage: Daily 3 times

Take this medicine when:
  • Receded gums
  • Teeth appearing loose
  • Bad breath
6. Kreosot 30. Dosage: Daily 3 times

Take this medicine when:
  • Bad blood comes out
  • Bad odor from mouth
  • Dental carries are present
7. Baptisia 6 or 20. Dosage: Daily 3 times

Take this medicine when:
  • Gums appears red or black in color
  • Bad odor comes out
  • Bad breath comes out of mouth
  • Bleeding from the gums is observed

General care:
Mix calendual Q in water in the ration of 1:10 and rinse your mouth. Try to use homeopathic toothpaste which has hecla lava and kreosote as ingredients.

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