Griha Pravesh, The Indian House Warming. ग्रह प्रवेश

There is a name given to every moment, second in Indian cultures. Talking about graha/ griha pravesha, our old Indian scriptures have the perfectly documented way to know the importance of this Indian house warming.

Many of my friends living in United states are shocked to know that we put a lot of load to find a specific auspicious day to do house warming or graha pravesha. Amazing isn't it?

I am working with an expert to document a complete step by step way to perform grah pravesh pooja for our readers. This will have

  • how to find out auspicious days for grah pravesh muhurtam 
  • how to perform the grah pravesh pooja even if the pandit is not avaiable
  • What to do if you are not able to do grah pravesh
  • a lot of texts in Sanskrit or devnagari

but for this article, I have something awesome to share. I was hugely surprised to know that here are types in Griha pravesh too.

  1. Apoorva griha Pravesh: The type of griha pravesh is conducted when you buy a land and get the house built yourself. There must not be any previous construction before. Hence a freshly allotted land and freshly made house is eligible for apoorva griha pravesh
  2. Sapoorva Griha pravesh: This is very common type of griha pravesh. Infact, in the age of real estate builders, and corporate jobs, its very hard to get land and built house on it. To that end, people buy houses already constructed by someone else or made by builders.
  3. Dwandhav Griha pravesh: If there is some damage occurred to house due to some inheritable issues like natural calamities, death etc, such house are no more eligible for owners to live in them. In such case, the house is rebuilt or renovated and then the dwandhav griha pravesh is conducted. 
I will keep writing more in griha pravesh. Meanwhile if you have any queries, please comment below :)

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